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    Welcome to Grangeville Guest House

    on the Hook Peninsula


    Bar is open every Saturday night at 8pm


    Guest Rooms open in May 2023

    Four Double / Twin En-suite Rooms

    Holds 8 - 10 people

    Large communal breakfast area.

    Minimum booking 2 nights

    Contact Finola@grangevillehouse.com for bookings

  • Guest Rooms

    We are available for group and family bookings. Our four double / twin rooms hold 8 - 10 people and a large breakfast area in our facing into our walled in garden, breakfast is a self serve continental shared by all guests.


    Individual rooms may come available from time to time however please be advised the breakfast area is communal and you may have to actually talk to a stranger.



    Contact: finola@grangevillehouse.com and 051397584

    Also for highest rates see airbnb listing

    For best rates call direct 051397584


    Here in Grangeville Public bar and large outdoor kids play area, we host family occasions, parties, anniversaries and various events.


    Our public bar is open all year round at 8pm Saturdays.

    Opening hours extend throughout the Summer Season.




    For those interested in running retreats or in house training courses please contact Finola to work out an activities plan.




    Yoga on the lawn returns in June. Yogi's can enjoy the warmth of the sunny south east inside a Victorian walled garden which keeps out the wind and the temperaure is increased inside by the sun warming the brick walls and trapping the heat inside.


    Yoga Weekend Schedule is

    Fridays - 8pm Yoga Flow (to get us ready for the weekend)

    Sundays - 12noon Hatha Yoga (Connecting to our inner selves)


    Yoga Weekday Schedule

    Tuesdays and Thursday at 12noon begining July


    These classes are outdoors therefore whether dependant

    Mats not essential as the lawn is a much better mat, however do bring on if you have one or a beach towel is also fine.

    Water and comfortable clothes.


    Private classes available:

    E-mail questions to finola@grangevillehouse.com



    Is it for beginners?

    Yes and No.

    To do Yoga, a person must be able to get from lying down to standing on their own without supports. That is the basic requirement for being able to do yoga. Once you can do this yes a beginner can most definately join.


    Do I need to be flexible to do Yoga?

    No, most start because they have poor flexibility, It's through the practice of yoga you become flexible. No need to be flexible to join.


    Is it a drop in class or do I have to join for a time period?

    Yes, it's a drop in class so you can come whenever it works for your schedule. You are welcome to come and give it a go without any obligations.

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